Unity Exhibition

So a few Thursday ago (22 March), sorry super slow blog write up been a busy few weeks but nevertheless here it is.

I’d been to a talk about social media by MPA but on the way back went to support Staffordshire University Exhibition on Unity. It is scary to think I graduated 8 years ago, not sure where the time has gone. The exhibition was in the northern quarter bar called the Freemount on Oldham Street. The project was about addressing the divisions between young and old highlighted by Brexit.

It was fab speaking to some of the students and passing on some knowledge. All the work was a fantastic standard and there’s definitely a few names to watch out for.


Caitlin Brown


Her work first caught my eye because it had animals in and what’s not to love about animals. The work was loveling done, with a wonderful little touches. The way she had displayed her work was wonderful, not only to show the final outcome but all the small pieces of linocut blocks. (my photo’s don’t do it justice at all)

Her concept for unity was that dogs through their conditional and unbiased love of everyone young and old, to organise an event in parks across the UK to close the divide between generations. Simple and would touch the hearts of everyone i’m sure.

I spoke to Caitlin for quite a bit, both of us have a love of homemade zoo’s. Her passion for creativity shone through and looking forward to seeing her piece for the degree show in June.


Heidi Jack


Her project was to celebrate 100th year since the first british street party. She created beautiful patterns for pottery showing street party scene. The pottery was wonderful, it really showed her love for attention to detail. The little houses in a circle around the edge, looked like a pattern from far away but on closer inspection, you saw the detail of the houses. Perfectly and beautifully executed.  

I didn’t manage to get a photo of the work, so I hope Heidi didn’t mind me sharing one of hers from instagram. All her business cards had wonderful illustrations she had done. She will in no doubt soon designing surface patterns for homeware for all the big known brands.  


Kieran Mason

Kieran Mason

From speaking to him, he was so passionate about politics, and had a great chat about brexit with him. His work showed the most iconic image of the Brexit campaign, which i’m sure will be etched into minds for generations to come along with Theresa may in the foreground.

Kierans illustration style is unique and quirky. I loved the scale he had printed too, as it felt with the medium is was a campaigning banner and it really made you stop and admire it.


Jacob Mountford

Jacob Mountford

I didn’t get the opportunity to speak to Jacob on the evening, however I couldn’t miss his idea of the treaty as a way of uniting the generation war, it was a great interactive piece of design.

The bold typographic posters, really caught the eye of the viewer. A really simple but beautifully executed piece of design.

I have no doubt the students exhibiting tonight will join the world of creative industry in no time, i wish them all great creativity in the last months of uni and look forward to seeing some of their work at the degree show in June.