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A world of Play-doh

Doing research for a project at work, somewhere in the rabbit warren of the world wide web. I came across this amazing project. An museum background which resembles the national history museum gallery sets the scene for these fantastic fantasy animals. What is not to love, look at these amazing creatures, each with a name and back story! You can see them all here these are just a few of my personal favorites.

play-doh character favs

After some furthering my search to find out more about this campaign, it turns out its part of bigger campaign “In the World of Play-Doh” it was from last year but still as amazing either way, The campaign Play-Doh have created adverts from nothing but Play-doh. They are a masterpieces of craft.

play-doh adverts


The adverts speaks to adults and children alike. The copy having bigger meanings for adults than children.

‘In the world of Play-doh if there is one thing that has never been a problem it is definitely the mix of colours.’

‘In the world of Play-doh when asked ‘it is possible to survive a had transplant?’ the answer is ‘yes”

‘In the world of Play-doh you don’t see dozens of species disappearing daily. Rather it’s the other way around.’

(Just incase your on mobile and can’t see it clearly)

It plays of the imagination and endless possibilities of playdoh as a child and also adult problems of race, environmental and technological advances. We all have fond memories of playing Play-doh as children and the only limit being what your imagination could create and the endless creativity it gave you. (even if your mum hated it because it always got bits in her carpet – sorry mum)

I think most campaigns now, are computer generated and made to look like the thing is is. From reading more into the campaign they created each piece from Playdoh by hand including the typography and each blade of grass, by no means a small thing to do. The campaign took 10 months to complete.

‘948 pots for a total of 71 characters, 15 trees and exactly 25,483 blades of grass’

This really demonstrates design doesn’t have to just be computers. That what really brings a brand to life is creating something which demonstrates your brand ethos, even if that means 1 longer project over 100’s of small ones. I think the results speak for themselves.

Long live future children, creating and crafting letting there imaginations run wild and of course getting play-doh all over the carpet (again sorry mum)


(Credit all images to Play-doh)