lagom living

Living Lagom

Julie and Chris are living Lagom!

We’re a few months in now to Living Lagom and are we feeling a difference? I would say so,yes!

Our resolution was to make our home more cosy and to make our lifestyle more efficient. We selected a number of various items from Ikea Manchester with the keen assistance of Taylor who provided suggestions of what we could do.

Let’s go through some of our items and how we’ve been using them…

Curtains // REVVIVA Fabric

We’ve discussed mounting a curtain in our open plan front room/dining area for months and it just never happened. Living Lagom however opened our eyes as to how much of an improvement we could make by creating a non-permanent barrier between the rooms and removing the draft it creates. This would definitely make our home cosier.

Making the curtains was great fun. I’m a keen crafter and Chris does all the DIY. So one miserable Saturday morning the pole went up and the sewing machine came out! It took me a couple of hours to finish the curtains while Chris disappeared off to the football and we’re really happy with the result.

Close the curtains and our front room becomes much more cosy and snug. If there’s any mess in the kitchen it’s out of sight and more importantly the heat stays in! Pull the curtains back we return to our open plan home.


Pressure Cooker // VÄRDESÄTTA

The pressure cooker is a revelation! Chris is a big fan of curry and to have the ability to cook beef as though it’s been on the slow cooker all day in 40 minutes is brilliant. It’s cooked stews, gammon joints as well as the aforementioned curries.  We’e used it for a number of dinner parties now serving up our winter warming strew to our guests. They’re all astounded when we tell them how we cooked their super tender beef!

However there was a bit of initial apprehension with its use… We’d read a number of horror stories online about people cooking for too long, over filling the cooker or not letting the unit cool adequately before opening. Fortunately this was not a problem with the Ikea Vardesatta. The instructions were clear and concise and the Lagom groups we follow on social media offered great advice on its use as well as really useful recipes.



Cooking Dishes // FÖRTROLIG

We prepare a lot of our dinners fresh, this takes time and is one of the areas we wished to improve on. We selected a couple of glass cooking dishes with lids which have now been used many, many times.

We have made a huge shepherd’s pie which we took over to a friend’s house and shared. A meal for six cooked, stored and transported without having to remove it from its container. A massive time saver! There were leftovers too which we used our smaller, plastic storage containers to keep fresh for lunch the following day.

Green Waste Bin // FILUR

I would say that Chris and I are already excellent recyclers (as far as the council’s scheme goes anyway…). All of our paper gets recycled as well as cans, bottles and the waste bedding from our pets. We felt however we could improve on recycling our food waste. Peelings, uneaten food went into the general waste bin. Definitely not Lagom!

We picked a small storage bin from the Ikea range and turned it into our green waste bin. It sits beside the normal bin and once a day (!) gets emptied into our main, green waste bin. It gets messy so needs cleaning but it’s a small price to pay for knowing that waste that could be composted actually gets composted and doesn’t end in landfill!

Lunch boxes // FESTMÅLTID

We have got much better at planning food ahead which saves so much time, it also means we are prepared to take lunches to work which saves money. These great compartment lunch boxes mean you can fit lunch and snacks in one box making it easier to transport.


A chopping board – obviously helps us to prepare our meals.

Glass Jar – to store used batteries in before taking them to a store that disposes of them responsibly.

LED bulbs – We had a couple of light fixings that were not LED so this was duly rectified!

We’ve been to one of the workshops at the Manchester store to create a draft excluder. This was great fun! Chris had a go at sewing and managed to create a sausage like item that could be used for its intended purpose but I think we’ll use mine…

We’re hoping to get onto as many of the workshops as possible in order to improve our skills and further our lagom living.

I think we’re doing pretty well with this living Lagom thing! Although we’re not seeing any financial improvements we’re meeting our resolution with cosier living and time saving.

Our next target is to maintain our resolution and to spread our knowledge to our friends and family. My mum saw a book about living Lagom and I am starting to read this too, so hoping we can learn more things on our journey from reading that. As spring comes along we’ll be utilising the garden more and grow our own fruit and vegetables for use in cooking and feeding our pets.