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The beginning of Living Lagom

Chris and I are thrilled to be apart of this years IKEA Lagom project. We applied to be apart of it as we loved the principle of living Lagom, how it’s not about sacrifice or over use of things, but considering what you need and only using just enough, so we can protect our planet for future generations.

Our household consists of just us two and a whole host of animals (4 rabbits, 7 guinea pigs, 4 fish and soon to be a long haired dachshund dog).

We moved into our home just before Christmas 2014. We knew we had bought a project house but one that had the potential to be a place to start a family. We had the drive and confidence to create something we loved. Every room has been completely renovated (and the garden!) which has been a logistical and organisational battle but great fun.

Now that’s done we want our home to be a place to entertain friends, to laugh and enjoy each other’s company and relax after long days. We both work 40+ hours a week so there’s never enough time in the day to do everything we need to do.

We are fairly environmentally conscious; we recycle, have LED light bulbs and we use smart heating. But there is definitely scope to improve…

Our new year’s resolution for 2018 is…

To have a cosier home and to reduce the amount food waste we create. We had a fab shopping trip with Matt from the Manchester store who was very helpful in helping pick out items to support us in our resolution and implement a plan of action for the year ahead (and beyond!)

Our plan is…

Put a curtain up between our living room and dining room.
Our house is open plan and segregating the cooler kitchen area from our living room will make a massive difference to the cosy feeling we are aiming for. Chris is a dab hand at DIY so putting up a curtain rail won’t be a problem (in fact he’ll see it as a fun task) and I love sewing. I have used IKEA fabric in our conservatory to make curtains to keep the temperature steady so I can use these skills to make these.

Plan meals ahead for the week and only buy food items necessary for them.
This will reduce the amount of food that goes off and will save us money by not buying foodstuffs on a whim.

Cook batches of food to freeze for both evening meals and to use for lunches at work.
By cooking larger portions we will benefit from time savings and also save on dish washing!

Use a small bin for food waste.
Which can be put into green waste rather than general waste.

Collect used batteries for proper disposal and use rechargeables where possible.
We have a number of small electrical items that use batteries. We are not active enough in taking used batteries to the correct disposal places so we are going to collect these and take them to a disposal point en masse.

Ensure all lighting is LED throughout.
Chris works with LED lighting for a living and knows the benefits that it brings (reduced wattages mean smaller bills!). In spite of this we still have a couple of light fixings in the house that are not LED. We will change this as part of our plan.

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All of these small changes will help us achieve our goals. We are excited about starting this journey and seeing how we get on over the next year.

We have really enjoyed sharing with our friends and family about the project and they have already recognised small change of lifestyle. We hope that visitors to our home will also be encouraged to ‘Live Lagom’ and copy some of the simple changes we have made.

The first six months will be give us a good idea of how we are getting on with our new lifestyle choice. As well as actioning all of the above we are both really looking forward to the upcoming workshops. We are both very creative and enjoy designing and creating new things. There’s a number of these coming up in the next 6 months and we are hoping to take part in as many as possible.

The key thing for me is to see how much extra time we benefit from in the evening after work. Living more Lagom is bound to free up our time and allow us to spend more time together and relax.

The IKEA live Lagom program is really giving us something to think about and provides prompts to not only improve things for us but for everyone.


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