herdy 1


While visiting the lakes for a few days I came across a shop called Herdy. I initially was just captured by the simple design and bright colours but after coming home and doing some research it is much more than just a shop with amazing sheep faces on products. The Herdy Fund supports building sustainable rural communities. The fund sponsor projects to support the rural community and help farmers of upland fell farmers (hill farming) who care for the local region Herdwick sheep.

The brand started in 2007 by Diane and Spencer Hannah with their passion for Scandinavian design and love of the the Lake District they saw a gap in the marketing for trendy quality gifts and set themselves a challenge:

‘of coming up with something symbolic of this region. The appealing face of the Herdwick sheep seemed to fit the bill’ Their goal was simple, ‘We we want to be a loveable company doing the right things, and we want to look after the area that inspired us and inspired the brand’

Nine years in and they have come along way and already helped train people to skill as dry stone wallers, purchased electronic ear tag scanners and software for the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association. They have sponsored American students to visit a Herdwick farm and experience life as a farmer. They have run many events to promote the importance of Herdwick Sheep to the Lake District bringing together farmers and communities; using fun days to encourage and teach people to knit with Herdwick yarn to doing events to promote the benefits to eating the Herdwick meats. Hardy gifted a brand to the Herdwick Sheep Breeders Association who take care of the brand and use it to support farmers to get a fair deal with there meat and wool produce. The brand ‘long term mission is to support sustainable upland fell farming’ They have also won awards for their responsible business practice and not forgetting designing some amazing products!

Not only have they created an iconic brand with the amazing Herdwick sheep face but from witnessing people seeing the brand in Bowness, makes people grin ear to ear when they see it and on top of all that have responsible business practices to help the farming community of the Lake District. It’s a breath of fresh air in the business world, and I am truly excited to see what this brand does next. Check our their website www.herdy.co.uk to find out more about the work they are doing and buy there brilliant products.